Edge Wood Chip produces G30 & G50 virgin wood chip and grade A recycled wood chip predominantly for use in biomass boilers, we also supply for other applications to include playgrounds and equestrian. All our wood is sustainably sourced, chipped on site with our Holtzmatic static chipper, before being force dried to the desired moisture of the end user on multiple dryers and drying floors. We can supply woodchip to the correct specification for all models of domestic and commercial boilers, we are BSL and Woodsure Plus accredited suppliers.


Operating out of our Shropshire depot and also our Herefordshire site, we can supply in excess of 40,000 tonnes annually, supplying throughout the Midlands and into Wales.


As well as large deliveries with a walking floor Artic, we can also supply smaller loads of 5-8 tonnes with our Blown Delivery, Tipped and Push-off Lorries.


We provide a high quality service with excellent customer satisfaction and will work with the client to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery.






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